Concrete and Masonry Patio Ideas

When creating a patio, a lot of people just settle for a simple concrete slab with no details and call it a day. Little do they know that with a little imagination that concrete slab can be transformed into something very attractive and interesting, with color, texture and more definition that you can ever imagine.

In fact, you can use the Pasadena landscape design ideas on this article to turn your patio into one of the most popular spaces in your home. A place that’s so comfortable to be in that you simply won’t want to leave.


Dyed concrete is a masonry trick that allows you to dye the concrete into almost any shade you like, by adding a dye into the mix before transferring it. For example, you can dye it to look like a particular stone, an interesting type of brick or a fun and unique color of your choosing.


This technique involves stamping the concrete with certain molds in order to create textures and 3D shapes in the concrete. These can be in the form of pavers, bricks or flagstone.


This is a very popular design when it comes to creating patios, and it’s created by putting together different uncut stone pieces of different shapes, and then placing them together like some great marvelous puzzle.

Unique Bricks

You can use bricks to create interesting designs and patterns like circles, Herringbones or diamond blocks on your patio.


Using aggregate materials like sand or small stones and pebbles is a great way to introduce texture to your patio.

Discolored Surface

Slightly stain your patio’s exterior with unique stencil design or any solid color of your choosing. This landscape design Pasadena trick makes it possible to introduce things like Aztec drawings, Henna design and any other design style that you like to your patio, even if it’s been years since it was first installed.

Fire Pit

Nothing creates a warm ambiance or brings people together in an outdoor environment than a good, comforting fire. You can build a fire pit to go with your patio, using durable and weather-resistant materials like cement, bricks or sandstone. With this addition, your home will be the go-to hangout for all your friends this winter.


Introduce a charming and rustic vibe to your patio with man-made cobblestones that are constructed from tumbled and rural looking pavers.

Ornamental Border

Add an embellishment of rough sea shells, pebble stones or an assortment of colored glass along the border of your patio to create more definition, creativity, and drama.


Surround your patio with as many accessories as you can while keeping the design and layout tasteful. A few ideas of accessories that you could try include customized Pasadena landscaping walls, planters or even benches to provide ample seating to enjoy the fire pit and get a closer look at the detail of the embellished border.