The jamb is made from the two wood, metal or fiberglass vertical members which make the frame for a doorway. One side holds the hinges, the other has a recess that holds the strike plate and locking mechanism, or latch.

Friehauf Architects Inc..

Since this door does not have any trim, the doorjamb is easily visible. It’s the timber that lines the doorway opening.

The wood trim of the double door hides the doorjamb, but the hinges on both doors attach to it.

Winslow Architecture & Urban Design

This unique doorway has the doorjamb in the same location as always, with hinges on one side and the recess at which the bolt will rest when the door is shut on the other.

Visbeen Architects

Even an arched door has a doorjamb. The curved part is not structural into the doorway; it’s the vertical members that must be flat for the door to swing properly.

Designs for Living

This barn door slides across and negates the requirement for a solid doorjamb.

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