The best way to Know In Case Your Walls Are Painted With Oil Paint

It helps to know when it comes time to modify the color-scheme of a space, what kind of paint is presently on the partitions. A house constructed before the 1970 s most probably has walls painted with an oil-based product, which was generally employed at the time. But in the event you are still not certain, a fast check might be all that is required. In the event you determine that the walls are covered in a oil-based paint, you will need to the area therefore a latex- .

Dampen a cotton ball or cotton swab with the acetone-based remedy, including nail polish remover.

Rub the cotton ball or swab on an inconspicuous place on the wall. Move the cotton in a circular movement and use pressure.

Examine the cotton ball or swab for just about any paint residue. The paint is latex, if the surface paint rubbed off. Oil-based paint will stay in tact.

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