Houzz Interview: Rebekah’s Weekend Farmhouse Retreat

Rebekah Zaveloff is now the principle designer of Kitchenlab, in addition to the co-founder of Style at a Bag.com, but the path she followed to wind up where she is today was a small fun zig-zagged one. In the same way, a serendipitous missed twist and a U-turn led her and her husband to their beloved weekend escape, a farmhouse at Michigan. In the her career and finding this house, timing, adventures along the way along with a convergence of conditions have all been crucial to where they have landed. You can discover more about Rebekah on her profile on Houzz and on her site.

Please tell us about how you found your beautiful farmhouse. What was your first meeting with the house like?

This is a hilarious marriage story! So my husband, that NEVER gets lost…if he’s been to any town after , he knows his way round. Columbus where I grew up. NY, London, several towns in France, Seattle, does not matter — it is beyond annoying for someone to be right this much! That being said, we’re on our way to a buddy a of friend’s house for dinner out in Michigan…and he has been there just once, years ago. He drives past their road and strikes a T at another road and decides to turn around, imagining we passed the turnoff. We pass a”for sale by owner” sign — I freak out, never one for subtlety…and write down the number. Mind you, we’ve looked at around 50 homes this summer alone, the majority of which we anticipated by first sight to be near our budget and are frighteningly NOT. I predict the following day, and that I swoon once I hear that the owner say a price that is really within our range of’hopeful.’ We go meet her that day, spend 6 seconds in the house and both knew, it had been the one.

What managed to impress you much in these 6 seconds?

The floor plan was amazingly modern for a farmhouse over 100 years old. Amazingly it has 2 baths, but strangely, both have been on the first floor…not that unusual for this era. The house had been surrounded by grapevines on all 4 sides, belying the fact that it had been just 1 acre but felt just like a hundred! There were no neighbors, that had been my husband’s sole requirement. We had been sold. Nevertheless, it was needing some serious love, which we have documented in our”This Old Farmhouse” blog series.

Just how does it differ from your house in the town? How is it different working from the farmhouse and working in town? Is there a change in your mindset or work?

I shoot a large, deep sigh to be able to answer this question…it is so funny, the moment we cross hit on this one depart, Lake Station, off of 90 and back on 94, I sense myself just exhale and release all of this town stress! Everybody I know that resides in both areas feels like this, and it never gets old. I can concentrate in a different way in the country than I can in town. From town it is all cliché hustle and bustle — back to back meetings, planning my day based on neighborhood, traffic, client schedules, client’s child’s naps, customer’s child’s carpools, sports, etc.. I’m so busy bouncing around town that I do not sit down for long — the speed is kind of nuts, but I really like it.

The moment I get to the farmhouse it is a different kind of concentrated intensity. I understand I have a whole day in front of me going to jobsites – to concentrate on drawings, phone calls, orders. I definitely can not get that kind of work done once I’m in town, I’m too tempted to jump in my car and put out the fire du jour, or du moment. Possessing high speed internet access (even in my backyard!) , a fax machine, scanner, and most of my books and magazines make working at the farmhouse dreamy and simple. I can possess un-interrupted calls with clients, and uninterrupted time to draw and design. I’ve made it Fridays are my’office’ day — even if that means my’office’ is sitting in my backyard working in my notebook with the crickets chirping.

What is your favourite place in the house?

The back patio is first — I see this as an extension of the house. But when I had to select a second — it is the kitchen of course! I love being at the kitchen in Michigan because it is the place I’ve time to cook and hang out with my spouse and friends. Throughout the week that he does all of the cooking. I’m a lucky woman.

What was the very first measure of your remodeling/decorating procedure? How did this use at the farmhouse?

Measuring and placing everything into Autocad is always first. I will not even discuss particulars of thoughts with a client on site until I get everything in the pc and begin space preparation. This design phase differs for me than the decorating phase. Finishes for me personally come after, though I have an idea in my head, I find most clients, and myself, find it overwhelming to try and do space planning and picking finishes all at precisely the exact same time. Too much! A good, clean, functional space that addresses the customer’s requirements and the challenges of this room always comes first. Once I’m confident with these decisions and the drawings are all done, we begin taking a look at hard surfaces such as countertops, tile and cabinets, we then move to the finishes such as lighting, furniture, rugs, wall colors.

For our farmhouse…it had been the space planning and layout as well. I measured the whole house before we shut and had everything attracted. Enlarged openings, including windows, relocating doors, and adding the French doors, and designing the kitchen. As chronicled in our blog, our decorating changed and evolved since we moved along.

What was the biggest renovation/decoration challenge you faced?

It is cliché, but doing your own space is your toughest. I tell my clients to help quell their nervousness, and I wonder if they think that it’s me talking them off the cliff, but I truly mean it! It is hard! I have fun and I’m confident in my choices for clients…I agonize over the right combination and the right equilibrium, but in the long run I know that I’ve put at time and I’m usually quite pleased. For my own spaces there’s no boundaries on the criticism…it is like an continually unfinished painting. While I have the time, I always consider things such as’we ought to paint the walls in the living room x’, or’we ought to change the pendants at the kitchen, sconce in the bathroom, rug in the living space, ” — it never finishes. I’ve a sense of closure and satisfaction with customer’s projects that I’ll never have the luxury of feeling with my own house. I pretend so my husband does not divorce me. The majority of these ideas I keep to myself, except for the few that leak out from time to time.

Besides photos and pets, what would you grab in a fire?

After my husband and dog, sadly, my next thought is my notebook. I guess that means I need to back up my files longer. Next, my paintings. After that…When I could carry our sofas from the home (bought off a movie set), and our inherited Eames couch…along with the dining table that was a gift from fabulous boss said above also off a movie set…coffee table that my husband built from old ceiling joists….But really, all that can be replaced, even the photos if I manage to catch my notebook. Dog and husband are the only things that matter.

What is your next house project?

Besides the wonderful projects I’m now working on with Kitchenlab clients, our coach house renovation following a fire we had in April. We’re turning the back attached coach house into a mini urban house. Stay tuned!

What is your favourite resource for home decoration?

I Must select one!!!! ? You are speaking to a recovering collagist here! If I need to select 1, or two it are the last 2 in my list for a stop shopping…. Otherwise, if I can list a few more….Antique shops that are off the beaten path in which I can discover bargains! Antiquing in Michigan’s harbor country — Ipso Facto Antiques, Marco Polo, Alan Robandt, Lakeside Antiques. Rugs from Madeleine Weinrib, textiles from John Robshaw, light from Circa Lighting, tile from Ann Sacks tile, and accessories and furniture from Jayson Home and Garden along with ABC Carpet and Home.

I made a reference earlier to your zig-zagged career path (or perhaps it is more like a lot of rivers converging at a delta? Poet I am not!) Anyhow, you’re a full service designer, but you ended up focusing in kitchens and baths. What fueled your passion for these spaces particularly? How did you wind up here?

Well…truth be told, I think that it’s amazingly cool that all my different passions and pursuits have come to an intersection in what I do today with KitchenLab and Design at a Bag.com since it wasn’t planned like that. I studied fine art throughout high school and college. I really started working in pubs at high school and that is when I became interested in food and cooking as well, but most of my interests were compartmentalized at the time. Design, cooking, traveling, entertaining, set design, graphic design, fine art, rehabbing old buildings, interior design, psychology…it all connects in what I do daily. My time waitressing my way through school in LA and Chicago made me more interested in restaurant design, wine, food, and cooking. I worked in set design for film and television for a while following faculty, and had the absolute best manager in the world in this time who invited my abilities in all their different and unfocused types. Do not underestimate the ability of a boss or mentor that sees your potential and nurtures it it’s a beautiful thing. . .and sadly, the experience was hard to find again. I became disenchanted with this work. I had this gnawing feeling that I wished to make’real’ chambers…not sets anymore. So back to college I moved…and loved it! It had been problem solving at a visual and creative way that I found addictive. I instantly gravitated towards hard surfaces, rather than soft goods like fabrics, and landed my kitchen design job a couple of weeks in my first semester.

I sort of dropped into kitchen design, but I don’t see it as a coincidence at all. I absolutely adore the problem solving side of kitchen design particularly, along with my love of cooking, I get quite into how each client uses their kitchen whether it is as a busy household making sandwiches for 4 kids, or an amateur gourmet. As a designer I’m organic and all about following what I’m attracted to viscerally and cerebrally. I encourage my clients to try and do exactly the same. Within my fine art education, I always concentrated on collage. I dabbled in painting, sculpture, film, but that I was always happiest when I had been working with found object and substances — making them into something brand new. It has also found its way into my design sensibility and how I approach jobs – layering. After years of nurturing KitchenLab’s growth, my husband and I launched Design at a Bag.com last fall. It is all about bringing readymade design recipes for individuals without access designer or designers products for a fraction of the price tag.

Kitchens and baths are catchy, possibly the chambers where designers are most needed – would you please spill a secret or two for individuals attempting to plan out theirs by themselves? If they are on a budget, then where if they splurge and where can they detract a little.

There’s no doubt that a larger volume of your homeowner’s funding will visit those 2 spaces, therefore that they need to be doubly smart! I err toward the classic and classic because the substances I assist my clients select tend to be much more lasting than a sofa, coffee table, pillow or throw, and much more expensive to replace! So, I encourage people to go with classics for your large expensive purchases, and then have fun with the smaller budget items such as light (which may be expensive, or not, but may be changed out in the event that you get tired of it), decorative accessories, hardware, along with tile being the last. Tile backsplashes make a huge impact, and are messy and expensive to tear out and replace, but it is doable if you tire of it! Do not be afraid to invest in this — it will change your whole kitchen! In terms of toilets — prevent moving pipes if you’re able to help it. Look for creative ways to use inexpensive tile in enjoyable ways – a boundary of fancier tile to create character, either on the ground or wall. Do not skimp on wainscot tile, even if it’s basic white, it makes a statement and you can always paint the wall above a stunning and intriguing colour! Think drama and contrast — but be wary of this trendy. You can always change the paint color, but we all understand how those shiny brass fittings and pink tile look to us now — dated!!!!! Think to yourself, what will I enjoy in five years or longer.

In case you have dated cabinets, that are in good shape structurally, and you can not afford an all-purpose remodel, painting your cupboards is large on sweat-equity, low on price, and will offer a huge change to your room. For a number people, awaiting that day once we can afford the all-out remodel may be years off — do what you can do now to make your space more your own. Our online design company, Design at a Bag.com was created so that we could channel what I do daily for those on a budget in places without access to designers and designer resources.

Rebekah, thank you so much for taking the time to talk about your wonderful weekend house, in addition to your story with us! Readers, to keep up with Rebekah and Nick’s remodeling experiences, be sure to follow their blog over at Kitchenlab. There are also some great articles with unbelievable before pictures of this farmhouse.

Rebekah is offering a $50 Style in a bag giftcard to a blessed Houzz reader! Only leave a comment under Wednesday, September 8 2010 to enter.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

This was a missed turn and also a subsequent U-turn that led Rebekah and Nick to this charming farmhouse.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

An eclectic mix of seats helps to keep the air of the house relaxed.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

“I’ve made it Fridays are my’office’ day — even if that means my’office’ is sitting in my backyard working on my notebook with the crickets chirping.”

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Rebekah’s country”office”

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

The sensation of not having neighbors – CHECK!

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Once they saw the first floor layout, they were sold on the house (in about 6 seconds).

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

The dining room table was a gift from Rebekah’s favourite boss. It was from a movie set.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Rebekah was constantly attracted to hard surfaces over fabrics when she was in design school, which led her to specialize in kitchens and baths.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Baths are a natural extension of my passion for hard surfaces, mixing substances, etc.. Bathrooms are sort of the reverse of kitchen emotionally. They invoke thoughts of private spaces, calm, quietude, sanctuaries, etc.. The contrary of this hustle and bustle of a kitchen and a chance to talk about the other side of our personalities.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Rebekah’s favorite form of art has always been collage, and you’ll be able to see how this carries through the way she arranges matters.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

I’ve a sense that this workplace is highly neglected during the summertime, when Rebekah can shoot her notebook out to her back patio!

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

“I love being at the kitchen in Michigan because it is the place I’ve time to cook and hang out with my spouse and friends. Throughout the week that he does all of the cooking. I’m a lucky woman.”

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

In your opinion, what is so great about the kitchen? Why do you love it so much?

See above — working in restaurants, being more interested in food and wine. My husband having an amazing cook! And largely, the profound believe that food is the ultimate cultural money….people wish to create spaces where our nearest and dearest need to hang out and spend time with us. The kitchen is where all the action is, where people can assist, take part, feel life happening and be a part of it…even if they don’t understand how to hold a knife! Who cares! Pull up a stool and also help wash veggies, shuck corn, chop herbs, whatever. People want to feel a part of something along with also the kitchen instantly creates a sense of belonging that no other room in the house has the ability to create. “What do I do” function as normal question of anyone who comes around for a dinner party, a cookout, anything.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Can you get a big style pet peeve? If so, please dish!

Symmetry! Period! That’s an easier answer! I think symmetry really kills the humanness, the sense of the individual imprint with just a little insanity and imperfection, in space. I love rooms that have tension, contradictory scale and feel, a little messiness, a little chaos and mismatching, a little clutter. Any room that’s too great and too considered feels stale and neutral.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

It is so important to get a lot of fun books and matches round in a weekend house.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Rebekah’s husband Nick, that has been renovating homes for several years, made the coffee table from old floor joists. Also, see the 2-over-2 windows.

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8 Tips for Fast House Cleaning

House cleaning is something that we must all do at one point. After all, nobody wants to live in a dirty home with clutter all over. Contrary to many misconceptions out there, cleaning up your home is not as easy as most people assume. The amount of efforts you will need to put in is quite substantial and if you don’t plan accordingly, this may turn out to be a very stressful experience for you.

Well, here are eight tips that can help you with house house cleaning San Jose:

Keep All Supplies Together

If you want to wrap up home washing as fast as possible, make sure you’ve gathered all supplies in one place. Moving around the house looking for supplies will take too much of your time. It will also make your job more hectic than it should be.

Play Some Music

There’s no better feeling than cleaning up every inch of your home to the sound of your favorite songs. Music has a way of making time fly and if you don’t want to take ages cleaning your house, maybe it’s time to burst up the speakers and get to it.

Clean As You Go

Don’t overlook any mess in the house. You need to clean as you move. If you come across anything you don’t want around, deal with it immediately.

Start With Your Least Favorite Room

Well, most people love their homes but there’s always that one room that doesn’t really excite. It could be the kitchen, the closet, or even the bedroom. If you’re cleaning up your home completely, try to begin with the least favorite room.

Work from Top to Bottom

Always start from the top. The top areas are often the hardest to clean and take a long time. Finish with them first so you can use the little energy you have left to finish up the job as quickly as possible.

Don’t Overuse Cleaners

A lot of homeowners always have this misguided belief that the more cleaners they use when cleaning their home, the better the results will be. This is not always true. Using many cleaners will leave behind a lot of residue that will need more work getting rid of. The residue may also damage surfaces on your home.

Put Supplies Away

All your home janitorial services San Jose tools need to be stored in a clean place and arranged neatly. You need to know where everything is so that next time you decide to clean up you know exactly where the supplies are. The last thing you want is to spend hours looking for the cleaning supplies.

Go from Dry to Wet

Before you pour water on everything, you may want to start with some dry cleaning services San Jose to get rid of the dust and other debris. Start by wiping off surfaces with a dry cloth before finally using water and cleaners.

Getting your home cleaned up as fast as possible is easy. The simple tips above will help you get the job done.

Kitchen Design: A Picture Frame For The Backsplash

If you’re looking for ideas for a traditional kitchen backsplash, look at creating a picture-frame feature above your stove or cooktop. All these are square or rectangular tile layouts bordered by molding, similar to a photo frame. Consider it as wall art for your backsplash. Here are some fantastic examples of picture-frame backsplashes plus some strategies for doing so.

The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn

Frame a panel of remarkably shaped tile. These multi-colored cent rounds add interest and style to a mostly-white kitchen. The blend of contrasting colours generates visual movement, and a dark inner lining adds definition. Doesn’t it look like bubbles are coming out of the tea pot? Another fun thing to note: The round cupboard knobs echo the shameful penny rounds.

Rob Kane – Kitchen Interiors Inc..

Select a design and color that relates to the remainder of your kitchen. I really like this panel created from pillowed metallic tile set on the diagonal. It has the look of a quilt, brings out the silver gray tones from the granite, and softens the stainless steel stove. If you look carefully, you can see small square accent tiles (called “dots” in vinyl lingo). The thin coordinating bar liner is the perfect finishing touch within this French Country kitchen.

Robin Rigby Fisher CMKBD/CAPS

Consider readymade decorative tile attributes. Within an English Tudor kitchen, a carved medallion is bordered by a round beaded lining, four coordinating corners and a easy molding. This olive set is from Sonoma Tilemakers. The earthy tone works well with the mild mocha subway tile, cream cabinets, forged aluminum hood and terracotta walls.

Pay attention to placement. Center your picture frame feature over the range or cooktop. To ascertain how high to put it, make a paper mockup of this feature, tape it up and fix it until it seems right. This one is centered between the base of the hood and the top of this blue tile base.

Here, the backsplash feature is completed in a pleasing palette of blue, olive and light gray ceramic tile with white accents. The counter complements it well in Volga Blue, a black granite with gray tones and metallic blue flecks.

Venegas and Company

Mat your decorative feature. Much like framing a bit of art, add a coordinating mat inside the outer edge to put off your design. The brown edge in this feature makes the three diagonal squares stick out.

Frame a hand-painted mural. A lemon tree has been painted on mild tumbled travertine tile for a magical appearance within this Old-World kitchen. You can commission a custom tile mural or find a readymade one.

Frame a mosaic mural or pattern. This grapevine design was made from intricate parts of stone mosaic tile. New Ravenna is the Tiffany of this tile flooring world.

Turan Designs, Inc..

Length a decorative wall plaque. Tile plaques make an eye catching feature. Add coordinating accent liner bars and tiles in the rest of the backsplash for a pulled-together appearance.

Divine Design+Build

Use one tile but change the pattern. Square tile put in a right pattern covers the majority of this backsplash. A simple feature was made with the identical tile turned on the diagonal.

Mahoney Architects & Interiors

One of my favourite layouts is subway paired with a framed herringbone feature. The result is subtle and refined.

Dresser Homes

Do you have a picture frame tile feature you’d like to share? Upload a photograph below!

More: Great Backsplashes for Wood Cabinets
Mosaics Bring a Classical Art Form Home
Kitchen Backsplashes That Function

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Adding: 10 Ways to Expand Your House Out and Up

So you would like to have more space. A small amount of additional room since the household is growing, kids or parents are moving back home, you have started a home based business, you have always wanted that number, or any of the million other reasons why your existing house just is not big enough.

You have also lived in your home for some time and understand its little idiosyncrasies. You have become very familiar with the way the light changes with seasons, the very best views of the lawn, how motion from room to room takes place.

Together with all of this knowledge you choose to embark on constructing an addition. Maybe it’s likely to be a kitchen addition. Maybe a living room addition. Maybe an additional bedroom or two. Which ever the case, you’ll be considering adding on someplace. Will it be on the rear or the side of the home? Will it be over the home? Will it be different from the home? What about design? Will it combine with the home? Will it make a definite statement of its own?

To get started you’ll want to interview a few architects to see what they think about the chances of expanding your residence. Since each architect is going to have different approach, go ahead and ask them in which they envision the addition and how it will tie into the existing house. Determine which stocks your vision.

Pondering an addition to your property? Here are 10 design options to take into account.

Frank Shirley Architects

Connect into the lawn. The most common addition has to be the one which attaches onto the rear of the home. Normally, especially in older homes, these are kitchen and / or family room additions. A great advantage to an addition in this way is the ability to strengthen the home’s connection to its lawn. Here, new doorways lead into some new outdoor room complete with furniture.


Use a different substance. Another advantage to getting an addition to the trunk is the opportunity to change materials. Rather than trying to match an existing brick, which could be expansive and debatable, also could be of timber. Keeping the all the timber the same color contrasts each bit into the whole.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

Head the scale. A large addition can easily overwhelm an existing structure. So rather than create one big cube, split it into bits that are related to and do not overwhelm the existing arrangement (see next photograph).

Bud Dietrich, AIA

Rather than having one big gable roof which would have peaked over the existing, the addition roof is broken down into smaller and lower bits.

Matrka Group

Produce a jewel box. Like a conservatory, improvements are chances to create something genuinely special.

Matrka Group

Filled with light and space, an addition can let you live outdoors all year round.

Mark Brand Architecture

Make a (small) statement. Occasionally different is better. Explore the way the addition could express your own aesthetic. Certainly an addition on the rear of the home can afford an opportunity to become more expressive.

Texas Construction Company

Make a (large) statement. Occasionally you’ll want to really express yourself and let the entire world understand. No backyard addition is going to do. Something obviously visible from the road announcing that this is your home lived in by 21st-century people.

David Churchill – Architectural Photographer

Produce a pavilion. If the site is big enough it’s possible to extend the addition out and away from the existing home. Doing this will give you a opportunity to create an almost stand alone pavilion which can be quite different from yet match the original.

Glenn Robert Lym Architect

Stretch out it. Again, if the site is big enough attempt extending out the house across the property. The best thing about this is to create everything could be rather big and enormous into a series of small and connected pavilions.


Boost the roof. Look at a second floor addition in a metropolitan area with little opportunity to expand horizontally. This is an especially effective strategy on a tiny lot and also is rather large.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

Ranch up. Rather than using up valuable ground area and building a base, including a second floor addition to a ranch home is a great and economical way to acquire that excess space. Since this kind of an addition calls for a brand new stair be located in the home, it is a great way to repair some of the inherent deficiencies of ranches (including the dreaded going through an area for into an area syndrome).

Are you adding on? Tell us about your job below!

More: Garage Conversions
Fixing Attics and Basements
Micro-Additions: When You Just Want a Bit More Room
Staying Put: Enhancing the House You Have

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Give a Little Glitz for the Bath

Everybody deserves to have a toilet where they can take a deep breath, exhale, and say “Calgon, Take Me Away!” We have amassed all of the latest toilet accessories that will spruce up even the tiniest and most weary looking bathrooms on the market, to help change them into rooms which feels more like a health spa. There is no demand for practical items to seem ho-hum; we have even found a toilet plunger that looks like it belongs in a museum!

We would love your great present finds, too. Add a link to your very best idea for the perfect present for the toilet in the comments section and tell us why you love it. The Houzz member with most creative thought wins a $50 gift card to Pottery Barn. Be sure to return tomorrow for our next guide to the most trendy gifts of this season.


Jewel Topped Bottles — Set of Three – $49

These beautiful jewel-topped glass bottles are a unique thing that can add some glitz to any toilet’s countertops. The tops are removable, so they can be packed liquid soap or bath salts.

Made from glass and metal
Place of 3
Ranges from: 3″w x 2″–3.25″d x 7.5″–12.5″h
$49.00 to get a Collection of 3

Contemporary Bath And Spa Accessories – $70

Houzz friend, photographer, mad D.I.Y.-er and author of Asiz’s Child, Ali states “Kontextur’s Viktor toothbrush/razor holders include a little bit of luxury to a few of the most used rooms in the home.”

Readily available in 18k gold, real silver, and black nickel
Created for the tub (toothbrushes and razors) but equally usable everywhere in the home, i.e. desk


Black River Stone Mat – $59

Produced from river stone, this bathmat massages the feet, and adds that the natural element of rocks to your toilet. Let your giftee toss out that moldy old rubber-backed mat and then replace it with smooth stones.

20″W x 29.5″L


Crown Ring Holder – $55

A secure place to store rings while washing or washing hands is vital. This modest crown-shaped silver ring holder is at once whimsical and elegant, and it is always a fantastic mix.

Silver-plated crown with crystal ribbon includes a place to hold rings that are treasured.
3.875″Dia. X 3″T.


XLarge Coffee Sack Basket Black Swiss Cross by BrinandNohl – $39.99

Houzz friend Linda, author of this site Restyled Home, chose these because “I wish to present these to myself! They would look great in my spare toilet!”

Burlap (sourced from our neighborhood coffee house) & 100% Natural Cotton Canvas Lining
10″H x 11″ W x 12″ L

Ballard Designs

Mercury Glass Candleholder – $15

At first glance you might think these mercury glass candleholders are strictly for the dining area, but they can add a few deco style and relaxing mild to a long soak in the tub.

Handmade in India
Large Total: 22″H X 6 1/2″ Diameter
Medium Overall: 16″H X 5 1/2″ Diameter
Small Total: 8 1/4″H X 5″ Diameter

Small $15
Moderate $35
Large $45

The Art Institute of Chicago Museum Shop

The Art Institute of Chicago Tower Fountain – $50

No more will your giftee need to maintain the toilet running to hear a tranquil splash. This stone tower adds calming white noise to your toilet.

Hand-molded granite and resin with a black finish.
Electric powered pump
6 1/2″ x 7 1/2″ x 6 1/2″


ShopSCAD Fizzing Bath Bombs – $16

Climbing into a tub fizzing from this particular bath bomb is like dropping your entire body into a vat of Alka Seltzer. That is a fantastic thing!

Designed by Kate Calloway Bethel
Includes six bath bombs; four scents to choose from.
$16 for a set of six

Design Within Reach

Hinoki Bath Mat – Design Within Reach – $85

Do little typical bathmats with rubber backing make you fear it won’t be long until you end up with a matching toilet seat cover? Pick this up bacteria, mildew, and most important, “kountry krafts”-resistant cypress Japanese wood mat instead.

Hinoki cypress is bacteria-, rot- and – mildew-resistant, and withstands humidity.
The elevated slats of the Bath Mat ensure efficient drainage, while the grooved surface provides traction.
H .75″ W 29.5″ D 21.25″
bath mat85.00


Extra Pure Liquid Soap: Fragrance Free | Pieces – $24

Don’t let plastic liquid soap bottles crap up absolutely beautiful counters. These glass soap dispensers will include subtle French flair and fragrance to your bathroom and kitchen.

Extra Pure Liquid Soap
Fragrance Free Available
16.9 ounce V
Glass pump jar
Produced from traditional Marseille soap with Palm Oil

West Elm

Mosaic Mirror Boxes – $29

This glamtastic mirrored box in West Elm will help corral jewellery or hide unsightly toilet supplies like Q-tips while representing light and incorporating a few shine to your bathroom.

Solid Wood and Glass
Rectangular Box: 8.5″w x 3.25″d x 2.25″h.
Rectangular Box (shown) is $29

Calvin Klein

Crete Alabaster Soap Dish + Dispenser – $95

Nothing, absolutely nothing, can be more elegant than hand-carved alabaster in the bathroom. Friends do not let friends depart out cheap liquid soap packs — let them stash those under the sink and show off these beautiful soap holders instead.

Hand Carved Alabaster
Produced in Italy
2″ tall and 5″ wide


Boatwood Mirror – $198

I posted an image of a frame from the exact same company awhile back, and Houzz users were clamoring to locate a person for themselves. This mirror’s frame is made from wood that has been reclaimed from old Thai ships and will give any room cheerful coastal charm.

19″W x 25.5″H


Paper Pot Tissue Holder – $40

Houzz team member Kathy states, “During this chilly, sniffly season, be kind to a nose and the noses of your guests, without including the eyesore of a Kleenox box to your area. This adorable little tissue paper holder is both stylish and highly functional, particularly this time of the year”

Comes in a range of bright cheerful colors, plus white and black.
W6.8″ x H6.7″
center tubing: W6.2″xD1.2″

Restoration Hardware

Traditional Towel Warmer – $129

What can be more luxurious than stepping from the tub or shower on a cold day and having a freshly heated towel awaiting you? This rack can be mounted to the wall to save space if needed, and can dry a moist towel as well.

Chrome finish
Illuminated on/off switch
7′ power cord; plugs into standard electrical outlet
Minimum assembly required
Wall Mount: 21″W x 3-3/4″D x 32-1/2″H
Freestanding: 21″W x 6-1/4″D x 34″H


Claus Porto Morning Glory Liquid Soap

Houzz Contributor and creator of Layout at a Bag Rebekah Zaveloff says says “this is one of my favorite liquid additives — and the package design is very good too!”

400ml | 13.5 ounce.
$ 16,80


Kosta Boda Atoll Votive – Dark Turquoise – $40

This beautiful glass votive remembers the relaxing coast and stands out as a piece of art as opposed to a dust-gathering tchotchke. If turquoise isn’t your giftee’s favorite colour, there are many other gorgeous colors of glass to choose from.

W: 4 3/8″


Hands Free Soap Dispenser – $39.95

Have you ever slipped in the front of the automated soap dispenser at the airport bathroom, feeling dumb as nothing comes out? You won’t think that way with this fabulous little at-home automated dispenser. It doles out the perfect quantity of soap, and you’ll be able to see if it needs a refill right on the front!



Reed Diffuser Set – Winter Berry

Houzz Contributor and creator of Layout in a Bag, Rebekah Zaveloff states, “You know how room diffusers often don’t work? I only found a few at Target which are wonderful, smell amazing and actually work! I’ve got one from Bella by Illume in Vanilla Amber and it is delicious. The glass jar is more economical than most with a cool pattern on the glass. Target appears to be from inventory on the internet — but they had them at the store.”

Glass, Paraffin Wax
Includes: Diffuser Oil, Reeds, Diffuser Bottle
10.5″ length x 3.2″ width x 3.2″ height

Restoration Hardware

Newbury Plunger – $109

There is nothing more unsightly in the restroom than a plunger, but where the hell are you supposed to maintain it? This beautiful chrome canister reaches Mr. Plunger. Follow the link and you will find matching canisters for Mr. Toilet Brush and Ms. T.P. as well!

Made of zinc and stainless steel In polished chrome, polished nickel, satin nickel and oil-rubbed bronze
7″ diam., 21″H

Modern – $48

Who knew a toilet wastebasket might be so wonderful? A lacquer finish and a range of colors takes a ho-hum object to Glamtown. Comes in many different colors, and you can choose to pick up matching bathroom accessories which go with this.

• 6.25″ long x 9.25″ wide x 10″ high
• Hand Poured Lacquer
Color Turq Lime Brown Black White
wastebasket $48.00

Saks Fifth Avenue

Michael Aram – Pomegranate Dual Nut Bowl – $99

Techinically this really is a serving bowl for nuts, but it would look so beautiful on the counter at a powder room or master bathroom. It’s perfect for corralling jewellery, or for use as a soapdish.

Stainless Steel and oxidized bronze


Conair Chrome Lighted Makeup Mirror on Pedestal – $14.98

We love when a product is stylish and practical. This tabletop lighted mirror looks lovely on the dressing table and gives her the perfect light so she can place on her face.

Chrome Lighted Makeup Mirror on Pedestal
Double sided 1x and 5x magnification
Circular lighting
Battery operated
Chrome finish

Burke Decor

Simrin Block Printing Dish Towels – $32

Houzz Contributor and creator of Layout at a Bag Rebekah Zaveloff likes to think outside of the kitchen to get these exotic block print towels “Tea Towels — that is exactly what my husband’s family is famous for. We have a huge collection!” These are perfect to leave out as hand towels to get a soda of print and colour on a towel bar.

Made of 100% cotton and available in 6 different colors and patterns.
20″ x 28″
$12.00 per

Pottery Barn

Sofia Towel Bar – $39.99

This gift idea is really specific, but if your giftee’s toilet is seriously lacking in towel bars or if you have noticed his is falling apart, this design is ingenious! It’s the space to distribute that moist towel over the pub, while also supplying two hooks for hanging dry towels, even smaller towels and washcloths, a robe, a loofah — anything they require!

Die-cast of brass
Oval backplate with slotted screws
Hand-applied complete; sealed with a protective lacquer for moisture resistance.
Mounting hardware included.
Two Sizes Available:
19″ wide x 4.5″ deep x 5″ high (18″ pub; $39.99)
24.5″ wide x 4.5″ deep x 5″ high (24″ pub, $49.99

Design Public

Thomas Paul Shower Curtain – Octopus – $120

This hand screened octopus shower curtain attracts one of the most mysterious creatures from the ocean right to your giftee’s toilet.

100% cotton.
Hand screened.


Fringe “Masked Ball” Botanique Document Soap – $10

Admit it: Someone gave you a soap so beautifully wrapped which you’ve been not able to unwrap it, and you leave it to the counter to respect. This really is that soap, and when your giftee runs from soap, they’ll eventually unwrap it and use it. Until then, they’ll enjoy this gorgeous packaging!

Every soap is tied with a delicate series and a classically simple vibrant tag
Scent: botanique
Natural glycerin at a vegetable base
5.3 ounce.


Tocca Beauty Candele De Viaggio Travel Candle Collection: Candles & Home Scent – $42

Let us face it: Most of us will never splurge on expensive candles, because it is just too darn extravagant. That is why they create the perfect gift, and you get a lot of bang for your dollar with this set of luxurious Tocca candles which comes with four different scents and a schmancy box of games.

The set includes one Stella (blood sugar), Tahiti (tiare flower & grape), Yma (guava & citrus), and Isabella (fresh watermelon) candle, packaged in a gift box using Tocca signature games
Each candle has a burn time of half an hour.

Pottery Barn

Quinn Beaded Bath Accessories: Apothecary Jars – $27

Inspired by vintage glass jars, these glass apothecary bottles can corral Q-tips, cotton balls, and other bathroom supplies in a unifying way that cuts down on the mess.

Crafted of silver-plated cast brass and handblown glass.
Small Canister: 4″ diameter x 4″ high
Medium Canister: 4.5″ diameter x 8″ high ($27.00)
Large Canister: 5.5″ diameter x 9″ high ($32.00)


Free Standing White Toilet Brush Holder by Gedy – $51

This is the cleanest, most inconspicuous toilet brush and holder we have found so far. There are lots of choose from in various finishes, shapes and colors, but this boxy resin variant is perfectly contemporary in its simplicity. Feel odd about giving a toilet brush as a gift? Your pal will have a laugh, and then appreciate it every time they notice how nicely camouflaged it’s in the restroom.

Toilet brush holder made in thermoplastic resins
13.4″ x 4.5″ x 4.5″


Fringe “Summer” Tray & Soap Place – $30

You know who this person is — they have a bar of Irish Spring sitting on a gunked up plastic soap dish, or worse, on the counter, or worse than that, they have no soap next to the sink in any way. Help this person fix the toilet with this beautiful transferware soap dish and bar of soap.

Each keepsake box comprises one transferware tray plus one piece of soap
Highly fragranced, triple milled luxury soap is formulated using natural glycerin in a vegetable base.
Fragrance is Botanicua, a combination of currant, blackberry, and gingergrass
9″W x 5.5″H x 1.5″D present box 4.5″ x 4.5″ glass tray 2.75″ x 2.75″


Otto Window Film – $86

This beautiful Emma Jeffs glue Window picture will keep things in the restroom private but still lets in the pure light. Do you know anybody who would need this tiny nudge to pay up?

37″ x 52″ roster

AphroChic Shop

AphroChic – The Beat Shower Curtain – $150

If you are giftee has tired of the all-white bathroom (or, chances are, said giftee’s shower curtain is exhausted and moldy), why don’t you include any bold graphics on this eye catching shower curtain out of Aphrochic?

100% organic cotton
Measures 72″ x 72″
Twelve buttonholes
$150.00 USD


Matouk “Gordian Knot” – $49.99

Odds are, you will find a handful of towels at anybody’s home which need to be demoted to the car wash towel heap. Help spur this along by gifting these luxe fluffy towels with the garden knot design.

Egyptian Cotton “zero-twist” towels with lace.
Range of sizes from washcloth to bathtowel; prices vary, bath towel is $49.99

Bed Bath & Beyond

Black Croc Hamper

I was eager to locate a super-fancy leather hamper on a website the other day, then realized that it was $1200. I manner WAY more eager to discover this faux-croc hamper. It will bring some serious style to any bathroom, and maintain these dirty clothes from the toilet floor. Oh, and it has a lift-out liner for toting everything to the laundry area!

Hinged, using internal metal string lid prevent
Cut-out handles for portability
Black polyester liner is attached with Velcro for convenience
23″ H x 17.5″ W x 15 D”

Burke Decor

Goldfish Alabaster Lacquer Box by Thomas Paul – $36

This modest lacquered box is a fantastic storage place for anything your giftee wishes to keep handy but not need to examine, such as dental floss or tablet computer. This orange fish really is really is the most whimsical of these layouts; you will find likewise octopus, pagoda, and botanical design choices.

Lacquered wood, screened image on lid
5″ x 5″ x 3″


Antiqued Peacock Mirror – $2,399

OK, so I highly doubt anybody has been giving a mirror which costs tens of thousands of dollars as a present, but we have been asked about “where to buy” this mirror so many times I couldn’t resist throwing it!

Handmade nickel silver mirror
Every piece is unique
Dimensions: 60″w x 8″d x 48″ h

Add your ideas, and you could win a $50 Pottery Barn gift card!

See related

6 Easy Steps to Paint a Room Like a Pro

Doing a painting Colorado Springs, CO job on the interior walls of your home is a great way to instantly refresh whatever room you’re updating, and a lot of homeowners find it to be one of the easiest DIY projects to work on. All it takes is having the right tools, some practice, a bit of patience and a lot of good guidance.  

Speaking of which, here are some tips for you to use the next time you have to paint a room.

Prepare the Surface

Before you even open the paint, start by preparing the wall for the house painters Colorado Springs, CO job. This means scraping, patching and sanding away any flaws that you might see on the wall, followed by filing down stubborn dents and cavities until you have a smooth surface to work on. After all, you don’t want to paint over cracks or holes, because that can completely ruin the results.  

Tint the Primer

Now, you’ll have to prime your surface so that no pigments bleed through the paint, and this enables the paint to adhere more efficiently while reducing the chances of peeling and blisters. Professionals often recommend adding a dye to the primer so that it somewhat resembles the actual paint color, and in the end, it ensures that the primer won’t show.

While there are certain paint brands that come with primer, nothing beats an actual, dedicated primer to improve adhesion.

Choose Canvas over Plastic

While most people use plastic to cover up their furniture and surfaces while they paint, canvas is actually a much better option because it’s rip-resistant, durable, and you’re less likely to trip on it while you’re doing Colorado Springs painters.

The best part about canvas is that you can easily fold it up and throw it out when you’re done.

Get an Extension Pole

Instead of using a normal stepladder, get a telescoping extension pole. These are available in different lengths and can go up to 18 feet long, which is the recommended length, as it’s able to extend to 36-inches, which means that you can use it to paint high ceilings.   

Just make sure that you use a paint roller with a hole on its handle so that it’s easy for you to screw it into the extension pole. Also, get an extension pole with a stiff metal core and a soft grip, as well as a threaded end that’s made from metal. Whatever you do, avoid plastic handles, because controlling them will give you a headache.

Use a Paint Grid

These days, you don’t have to use a paint tray and you can opt for a much more convenient alternative; the paint grid. All you have to do is hook the paint grid into the rim of your bucket, pour some paint into the bucket until it’s halfway full, and then suspend the grid inside. You can then dip the roller inside, and slope it on the grid to get rid of any surplus paint.

Overnight Storage

If you’re doing a major Colorado Springs house painters job then you may have to store your tools so that they’re viable to use the next day. Luckily, overnight storage for painting tools is pretty simple and straightforward.

Just remove the surplus paint on your paint-rollers and brushes, cover them in some plastic food wrap and place them in the refrigerator. This helps to seal the brushes so that air doesn’t get through, and it’ll ensure that your brushes don’t dry up overnight.  

All you have to do the following morning is to remove the brushes from the fridge and give it about 30 minutes to thaw before you start painting. You can use this same method to preserve the functionality of your brushes for several days while you work on different rooms.