2012 Trends

Cabinetry can make a major statement in a toilet — especially a large master bath. Many of the new, most powerful design trends still come from Europe, and American manufacturers deliver innovation to the class with intelligent solutions for your bath.

Greene Designs LLC

Upgraded laminates are a sexy cabinetry trend and they are showing up in high-end bathrooms. When you hear the words”laminate” and”cabinetry” in the same sentence, you probably envision the paring boxes in your first apartment. These are definitely not that!

New styles incorporate exotic forests, as seen here, textured metals and imaginative designs.

Element Design Group

With the rising popularity of nominal or nonexistent storage under the sink in modern bathrooms, vertical cabinets continue to grow in popularity. Sometimes their bottoms are lined up with the vanity or incorporated sink/counter. Sometimes, as shown here, they are too tall to make that sensible. You determine where it works the best and how much storage you’ll need.

Mini cabinets are rising, largely in powder rooms, but sometimes in modern master or masters bathrooms. They most often accompany minimalist modernism. Sometimes, though, they just embrace the realities of a very small bath.

Creative Spaciz / SPACIZ Design Studio

Floating vanities will continue as a strong trend in 2012. It’s not unusual to see these partnered with tall storage, acknowledging the needs of a contemporary family.

Furniture details are a strong trend for cabinetry this year. Even with traditional cabinetry and traditional finishes, the detailing gives it this lived-in, not-a-standard-vanity look.

Narita Architects

Frameless cabinetry is an increasingly popular trend for bathrooms, and it is for kitchens. It’s easier to get to your contents with no face frame, and also the construction allows for bigger drawers, also. One of the driving forces of frameless cabinetry approval in the US marketplace is Ikea. Unlike pricier European rivals with offerings that populate many high-end contemporary bathrooms, Ikea combines style with affordability. That’s a trend millions can embrace.

Kelly Donovan

Bornholm Bathroom Vanity

Integrated grips are a hot trend for cabinetry, particularly modern European fashions. This Bornholm Swedish-inspired vanity strips the incorporated grip to its purest form. Other manufacturers add metal — usually stainless or aluminum — for their cabinets. The most expensive configuration is generally a continuous handle, which extends across an whole bank of cabinets.

Whichever works best for your space, the idea is to eliminate the visual clutter of a pull or knob.

Jamie Gold, CKD, CAPS

I can’t remember the last time that I made a kitchen with no storage accessories such as roll-out trays. Well, accessories are a hot trend for bathroom cabinetry.

Roll-outs are sensible for towels or toiletries. Tilt-out trays (which I only added to my own master tub ) are great for toothpaste, toothpaste and toothbrushes — even for maintaining your ring from slipping down the drain as you prepare for work. Storage racks on the backs of doors hold hair blowers. Appliance garages conceal electric razors and trimmers. Drawer dividers organize makeup. Smart storage fittings make just as much sense for bathrooms as they do for kitchens.


Medicine cabinets are becoming smarter and more functional, also. New models incorporate such characteristics as integrated tv, MP3 speakers and charger, soft-close doorways, cooling and cooling segments for medications, and more.

Native Trails – Cabernet Vanity

Rustic is a strong trend for bathrooms this year. This Vintner Series Cabernet Vanity is made from oak planks reclaimed from wine makers. What an ideal manifestation of a wine enthusiast’s interest.


For people who desire real timber, the 2012 trend is toward hot finishes and clean lines. That doesn’t mean strictly modern, as this Kraftmaid bath shows. Traditional has united more tightly using transitional for cleaner lines and less ornamentation.

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