The Way to Fix a Cracked Standup Shower Made From Plastic

Cracks at standup showers may be brought on by a person placing his entire weight on the bed of the shower as he stands up or by dropped items. If the crack isn’t treated immediately, it may split open, leading to potential leaks. Fixing the crack isn’t a time-consuming process, but you have to take drying time into consideration because the shower cannot be utilized until all program materials have fully dried.

Run the tip of a utility knife along all sides of the crack, to form a V shape across the crack’s length. Ensure that the thickness of the crack goes through the vinyl coating, stopping in the fiberglass foundation (the thickness of the crack will generally be between 1/16 and 3/16 inch).

Run a rag over the crack to remove dust. Use the sandpaper or handheld rotary tool with sanding fittings to smooth out the edges where the crack meets the plastic surface of the shower. Wipe off the sanding particles caused the rag. Apply nail polish remover across the crack using a brush, and then wipe it away with all the rag.

Put a small amount of fix paste into a mixing cup (enough to fully cover the crack). Add 1/4 oz. Of catalyst for each 1/4 oz. Of paste. Mix together using the little stirring stick. Follow manufacturer’s instructions if they change from them.

Use the mixture over the surface of the crack using the larger stirring rod. Ensure that the mixture slightly overfills the crack. Allow 60 minutes for the substance to fully dry (for faster drying time, run the hot-air flow of a hair dryer over the mixture).

Sand down and up along the dried mixture until it fits the smooth surround of this shower’s plastic coating. Run your fingertips over the crack to ensure it is smooth.

Apply a little quantity of the rubbing compound to a clean rag, and then rub up and down the crack using the rag till it fully blends in with the surrounding area.

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