The Way to Figure the Wattage of Ceiling Fans

A watt is a unit of energy or electricity that the appliance or device uses. Fans and different appliances are definitely marked with many watts they have. Knowing a fan’s wattage could be important in areas where electricity prices are high, or when comparing the use of a ceiling fan with even box fans or central air. There is an easy method if the wattage of the fan isn’t marked, however.

Look at the label on your ceiling fan. It is going to show the amount, even if it doesn’t demonstrate the amount of wattage used. The location of the label can vary; although it’s usually on the outside of the enthusiast in a hidden place — like above a fan blade or from the light socket — it may be on the inside of the fan base, which attaches to the ceiling.

Find the amount of amps on the ceiling fan’s label. This could be as few as 0.5 to 0.9 for the ordinary enthusiast; the larger the engine, the more amps will be required.

Multiply the amount of amps recorded by 120, which is the number of volts of electricity. This amount should be recorded on the ceiling fan label. The formula of x volts equals the amount of watts used from the ceiling fan. For example, 0.5 x 120 = 60 watts; 0.9 x 120 = 108 watts. This wattage sum is how much electricity the ceiling fan uses at speed.

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