The Way to Construct an Affordable Wood Deck

When you have a deck to relax on spending time outdoors on a summer day can be even more enjoyable. A deck gives a good foundation for you to put a grill and patio furniture, in addition to keeps you rains. For those who don’t have the lawn or money space for a large, extravagant deck, you can construct an small deck. Putting the deck can help protect it from moisture in the floor, extending its life.

Putting the Concrete Footers

Spray paint the floor to indicate the outline of this deck. Mark the location for the blocks across the deck lines, putting them.

Dig on deep holes that are 6-inch . Tamp the soil in the bottom of the holes to compact it.

Fill each hole using a coating of gravel. Tamp on the gravel.

Push two stakes to the floor 12 inches behind among the holes on the edge of the deck line. Position one stake on another on the edge of the deck line, and the side edge of the deck line. You’ll tie strings to these lines to inspect for level in the blocks as you set them.

Set an cube.

Place a level. If needed, tap down on the block using a rubber mallet to level it.

Tie a string you drove to the floor. Tie the other end to a second stake, and drive the stake into the floor 12 inches behind the block that is next.

Until the string is put on top of the two blocks, adjust the string on both stakes.

Hook a line level onto the string. Until it’s level with the very first block, adjust the block.

Examine the rest of the blocks using this method. If the deck is put against the house, tape the string to the house behind the blocks.

Building the Deck

Cut 2-by-6 boards using a circular saw to match the dimensions of the faces of the deck. Cut two boards for each side of this deck. Wear safety goggles when sawing the wood.

Nail the two boards for each side. Assemble the boards and nail them together. Here is actually the deck frame.

Put the frame. Measure the frame diagonally in both directions. The frame is square if the dimensions match. If not, cut fits inside the frame from a board. Put it and measure. Until it’s square, move the spacer inside the frame.

Screw angle brackets to the interior corners of this frame with screws. The corners of this frame strengthen.

Nail galvanized joist hangers to the interior of the framing along the long edges of this frame. Use galvanized nails, and set the joist hangers 12 inches apart at most.

Cut on the joists to your deck, utilizing boards. All these are.

Install the joists by slipping them and nailing them to the hangers with nails.

Measure the distance throughout the surface of the deck perpendicular to the joists. Cut decking boards to fit that space.

Screw the decking boards and joist with screws.

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