The best way to Paint a Wood Desk

Re-painting or painting a wood desk is an outstanding method to give new life to a classic bit of furniture and refresh your decor. Priming and prepping are important help and measures give your paint work a look. In case your desk features a finish, sand it properly to help the paint stick to to the area. When the paint totally dries, you might wish to use a coat or two of clear polyurethane to the desk’s best. Polyurethane aids safeguard and preserve the paint, and and it is helpful for desks in children’s rooms.


Place a tarp underneath the desk. Mark the purchase of the drawers as you take them off by putting their amount on a bit of tape stuck to the lower. Remove and reserve components and drawer handles. Place a tarp that is 2nd on other area to support the the drawers using their fronts or a counter-top. This allows the drawers to be painted by you .

Fill a bucket with water. Add a little amount of vegetable oil-based cleaner, in the event the desk’s area is painted. In the event the desk’s area is varnished, dissolve a tiny amount of tri-sodium phosphate, or TSP, in the water as an alternative. Wear rubber gloves when when working with this chemical remedy that is stronger. Wring out a rag in the cleansing solution that is proper and clean all surfaces of the desk. Allow the wood.

Sand all surfaces of the desk using a 220-grit sandpaper. Roughing up the area in this way will assist the paint stick that is new. In the event the desk features a finish, use a more heavy 100-grit sandpaper to smooth the rough places, then complete with sand-paper that is lighter. Wipe off all traces of dirt and grit using a clean, moist cloth.

Priming and Painting

Apply a coat of paint primer using a medium-sized paintbrush. Use an additional coat of primer should you be changing the shade of the desk significantly. Applying three or two light coats of primer will give outcomes that are better that one large coat. Consult the product’s guidelines regarding the a-Mount of drying time required before painting.

Apply a gentle coat of latex enamel paint, using a paint-brush that is medium. Begin painting on top of perform and the desk down. On the human anatomy of the desk, paint every one of the items that are horizontal first, adopted by the parts. Paint the desk’s sides throughout, then complete by painting the fronts of the drawers from laterally.

Allow the paint to dry for a T least two hrs, or as directed on the paint are able to before incorporating a 2nd mild coat. With respect to the amount of color change as well as the paint’s coverage, you could possibly need to apply a third coat of paint.

Reattach the desk’s handles and components after the paint h-AS completely dried.