The best way to Keep Latex Paint

Latex paint is a water-soluble paint that is tough and nontoxic. When used to your area that is dirty, particularly in high-traffic locations, it is probably to chip and peel. During certain weather conditions, latex paint can bubble, peeling paint and making air pockets that usually result in potential paint chips. To keep latex paint ensure it is used to some well-prepared area and provided adequate time that was dry.

Clean the Area

Clean a non-wood area with liquid detergent and warm water to produce sure it is free of dust, dirt and grime. Wipe the area using a clean cloth to eliminate undesirable or residue buildup. Dust wood using a dry cloth or a duster to remove surface grime. Latex paint needs a basis that is clear, or the paint will not adhere precisely to the area.

Paint Throughout Reasonable Climate

When outside temperatures are reasonable, exterior surfaces with latex during dry weather. Once temperatures reach 85 levels, sunlight and excessive heat can trigger latex paint to dry prematurely. Latex paint is caused by the fast time to bubble, peeling paint and ultimately resulting in chips. Conditions can cause latex to drip and to to operate before it dries.

Scrape or Sand Tough Surfaces

Before implementing latex paint, sand or scrape a way present paint peeling paint and chips. Scrape current paint chips off the area using a putty knife, being careful not to produce divets in the sub-layer. Sand surfaces with large-grit sandpaper to remove paint that is peeling.

Apply Primer

Apply primer to untreated wood concrete, oil-based steel and paint. Before priming to ensure the primer test wood damage the grain, according to the directions on the primer or does not discolor the wood. Choose primers that are fomulated to perform with latex. Apply primer to the area using roller-brush or a paintbrush, leveling the compound out till it is smooth and even. Danny Lipford suggests de-glossing or sanding inside oil-centered wood-work before priming. Painting over levels of exterior oil-based paint with latex.