The best way to Maintain a Shady Lady Tree

The Shady Girl tree (Bucida buceras), generally called the black olive-tree, is indigenous to Central and South America plus the the Caribbean. A somewhat bushy tree, its leaves are leathery, bluish green in 2 to 4″ long and colour. As it adapts to almost any soil type, it’s a fairly simple tree to preserve, and its own foliage makes it an outstanding tree for shade. The Shady Girl functions tiny flowers and can reach heights of up to 50-feet. The “black olive” title may be deceptive, as this tree isn’t really an olive-tree and doesn’t create the edible black olive fresh fruit.

Light and S Oil

The Shady Girl tree thrives in full sunlight, although it does well in places featuring sunlight or shade. Although tree can develop in various kinds including loamy clay, acidic and alkaline soil, it usually grows best in rich soil. In should drain properly, nevertheless. When planting the Shady Lady, produce a hole that’s about the same dimensions as the container the sapling was bought in. Soil blend, compost and fertilizer aren’t needed when planting the Shady Girl.

Watering and Weeding

This drought-tolerant tree needs to be watered once-weekly for about 10 minutes. Use a hose or sprinkler, if preferred. Water the tree once or twice a month depending how often your location receives rain, in case your area receives heavy rainfall. Keep the weed scenario around trees that are new through normal weeding under control. While they develop saplings shouldn’t need to compete with weeds, therefore if required, like organic or material mulch, use mulch to control weeds. At least 3-feet of region around saplings should be weed-free.


Fertilization of Shady Girl trees isn’t needed up on planting but, somewhat, when new progress has been proven by the tree in the spring-time. Work a fertilizer to the soil, if relevant, or a DD fertilizer to an irrigation method. Shady Women need, use a natural fertilizer, compost or well-balanced fluid fertilizer that includes nitrogen since nitro Gen is the most crucial fertilizer. “Balanced” signifies a fertilizer that features equivalent quantities of three components, for example 10 10 10 or 202020 fertilizer. One it self has been has built by the tree, feed it from month to month.


Normal pruning is needed to keep the tree from getting fat on top since the principal branches of the Shady Woman are s O large which they bend down toward the floor. Pruning the tree aids pro Tect it throughout storms, particularly from the the weather. Much like any pruning session, is it crucial to eliminate all lifeless, dying and dis-eased branches. Prune the tree in the spring Time, when the tree h AS not however started its developing procedure that is energetic. The tree isn’t dormant through the cold temperatures, therefore pruning it can result in a development period that can kill shoots that are new because of freezing temperatures. Remove all branches which are within 3-feet of the floor.

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