The best way to Fill Drawer Knob Holes

One of the fastest updates for furniture drawers or outdated cabinetry handles and is knobs. Your first-choice in a knob that is new might not match as much as the pre-drilled holes utilized for the outdated components, which necessitates patching to keep the drawer entrance seeking its finest. Fortunately you do not require wood-working abilities to effectively patch the hole so it displays. Remove the knobs that are old before you install the components and fill any outdated screw-holes.

Select a wood putty that matches the kind of wood including a putty to get a drawer, on the drawer front. In the event that you are refinishing the whole drawer entrance use a general-purpose stainable putty.

Insert the nozzle of the putty tube to the hole. Squeeze the tube while gradually pulling the nozzle in the hole before the hole is filled with putty.

Remove the extra putty using a razor-blade so the hole that is stuffed is flush with all the drawer front. Smooth the putty inside the drawer, if required. Avoid raised bumps or smearing putty within the drawer since this may cause stains.

Allow the putty to dry until hard, which could use up to eight hours-depending on the manufacturer.

Sand the region easy with fine- sandpaper. Sand the whole drawer lightly to eliminate the shiny finish area in case you are staining the whole drawer front. Stain wanted.