How to Troubleshoot a Carrier Air Conditioner Unit

Even though Carrier prides itself on reliability and offers a guarantee with its own air conditioners, you may encounter problems which prevent the device from working. You can save time by cleaning filters or doing some troubleshooting steps, such as resolving power difficulties. But it’s important to be able to identify issues that require a service call that is professional, such as the indoor unit fan emitting air or the machine struggling to maintain, so your device is repaired before damage occurs.

Power Up

If your Carrier air conditioning unit will not turn on, there is an issue with its power source. Check the cooling or condensing unit to find out whether it’s running. Be sure that the main power switch for the outside unit is in the”on” position; the switch generally is a couple of feet from the device within a box mounted to your home’s exterior. If the switch is in the”on” position but the outside unit isn’t operating, check your home’s circuit breaker or fuse box. Reset the circuit or replace a blown fuse.

Filter Out

Whether its filter is dirty your Carrier air conditioning unit will fail to operate. Buildup on the filters cubes airflow and causes the air conditioner to shut down. Analyze the filter to find out whether there is excess buildup that might be preventing it. They should be changed once a month, if you use filters. With 2-inch or other high-capacity pleated filters, you generally can change them every month unless you detect they fill up quickly due to bad air conditions; eplace them yearly if needed.

Clear the Air

Whether its return-air grilles are blocked your air conditioner could neglect to cool your home. The grilles are generally located on the wall or ceiling in a home that is new and big. If your home is old, your return-air grilles may be on the floor. Make sure the grilles aren’t blocked by furniture, vases, picture frames. Dust the grilles so debris doesn’t accumulate the openings along and limit the airflow.

Out of Service

If you have assessed your Carrier air conditioning device’s electricity, filters and return-air grilles and it is not cooling your home correctly, call a Carrier service technician for assistance. For instance, the indoor humidity levels of your home look very high or if itself continually turns off and on, arrange a service call. If you’re able to hear your indoor unit fan turning on but the air that it emits isn’t trendy, you should call your Carrier service provider, or the fan frequently turns on and off.

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