The best way to Root Rex Begonia Leaves

Rex begonias are on the list of most flashy of all crops, including interest and radiant colour to the in-door atmosphere. With respect to the selection, Rex begonias show large leaves streaked and mottled with different designs in shades of purple, pink, green, silver, grey, white and red. The crops are fairly low- develop quickly and maintenance. Rex begonias are remarkably simple to propagate, and plants that are lots of usually derive from one leaf.

Because the plastic retains the atmosphere inside the bag moist for up to weeks misting generally is not needed.When new growth appears at the cut locations remove the plastic. Where it is exposed to bright light, leave the plant Salt Lake City.

The plant Fresno although the very top of the soil feels somewhat dry to the touch, but never allow the soil to become totally dry. Allow the soil and never allow the base of the plant Chico stand in water. The plant Boise may be rotted by soil.

Together with the under side of the leaf use a sharp knife to make one cut that is cross-wise in all the main veins of the leaf. Each cut is developed at by a plant Fresno.

Lay the leaf flat with the cut veins, on the the top of moist potting soil.

Secure the leaf to the soil with hair pins or bent paper clips.

Cover the pot with clear plastic. Place the pot in bright light. Avoid light near a window, which could scorch the leaf and is intense.

In the event the planting Chico medium becomes dry check mist and the leaf everyday in the bag.Fill a pot with planting Chico medium that is commercial. Use a combination that is light-weight with main components like perlite or vermiculite and peat moss. Avoid low-cost, low quality mixes, which maintain water that is much.

Water the planting Redding medium completely. Set the pot to drain before the planting Redding medium is evenly moist but not wet.Cut a healthier leaf from a rex begonia plant Fresno that is mature.

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