The best way to Replace a Basis Floor Joist

Termites and dry rot can compromise the integrity of basis joists. In instances where a joist is in tact, it’s feasible to sister a new joist along side with construction adhesive and lag bolts. When assistance is lost by a joist, changed and it must be eliminated. Unless the sub-floor may be eliminated, the joist is accessed by you by means of a crawlspace. Replacing a basis floor joist needs protective equipment, the capability to function in places with restricted area that limit motion as well as encounter with carpentry tools.


Put on a dust mask as well as safety glasses. Coveralls are optional. Connect the power cord from a work-light into a two-way connector on an extension cord. Enter the crawlspace where you are going to replace the joist, and maneuver the work-light to the location.

Set up a reciprocating saw using a wood-cutting blade. Stage the observed, framing and a nail bar hammer in the workshop.

As you slice the the joist into sections, like 3 or 4-feet long, start in the edge of the joist and reduce upward using the reciprocating saw. Pry the edges of every section in the underside of the sub-floor a way from nails or screws by prying on the other end of the bar, and driving the suggestion of a nail bar to the seam using a framing hammer.

Attach a metal-cutting blade to the saw. Cut the nails that are current at all joist-to-girder connections using the reciprocating saw. In the event the blade doesn’t insert to the seam of an association, push the suggestion of the nail bar to the seam to produce separation, and reduce the nails.

Remove the hanger nails in the hangers at every end of the joist with all the nail bar. Remove the parts of of the joist at every end. Screws or all sub-floor nails flush with all the under side of the sub flooring with all the reciprocating observed.


The span where the joist was eliminated by you, from endtoend. Cut the joist from a piece of 2 inch- lumber. The width of the joist have to be just like the width of the eliminated joist, like of or 8, 1-0 inches. Cut the joist that is new to duration using a round observed.

Maneuver one end-of the joist to the crawl-space and on the most effective of the girders where you eliminated the aged joist. Set each end-of the joist atop the the inspiration sills a T every end in to spot. Therefore it stands on-edge position the joist. Use the framing if required, to to match the joist in to location.

Fit joist hangers that are saddle onto each end-of the joist. Attach the hangers to every side of the joist with hanger nails and the surface of the rim joists.

Attach the joist to the girder -penny toe-nails throughout the facet of the girder at a 4 5-diploma angle, and in to the lower fringe of of the joist.