The best way to Propagate Banana Peppers

In case you if you wish to to conserve seeds to propagate banana peppers with next yr plant heirloom types of banana peppers, not hybrids. To keep banana peppers from cross pollinating plant types that are other, with pepper crops at least 400 feet away. Banana peppers require a well- . The loamy soil needs to be acidic or neutral using a pH between 6.0 and 7.0. Expect to choose peppers for consuming after germination in about 72 times, with respect to the range, when they’re beginning to to show yellow or light-green. Banana peppers increase in Sunset zones A1 – A3; H2 and H1; 1 to 2-4.

Sowing Seeds Outside

Till the soil at least 6 to 8″ deep using a roto-tiller or a shovel and hoe.

Sow the seeds when the day-time temperature that is outside will will remain at or above 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Space the rows 24 to 36-inches apart and the plants 18 to 24-inches apart.

Sow a seed by poking a-1/4 inch-deep hole by means of your finger and putting one seed in every hole.

Cover the seed with water and soil seriously and gently using the mist environment of a watering can, the hose, a sprinkler or soaker hoses to avoid disturbing the seeds that are shallow.

Keep the soil moist until germination, which requires about 12 to 21 times. In the event the exterior temperature is 76 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter, expect germination in seven to 10 times.


Sow the seeds 1/4 inch-deep in months before the last frost date in your region. eight planting trays,

Keep the soil moist when the soil gets dry or then water about once every couple of days.

Expect the seeds to germinate in about 12 to 21 times in temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Expect germination in about seven to 10 times in temperatures or hotter.

Put your transplants following the last frost in the floor about two weeks or when the temperature reaches 65 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit as well as the night-time temperature doesn’t fall below 55 degrees. They need to be about 3 to 4 inches tall.

Space the rows at 24 to 36-inches apart and the plants.

Create a hole in the soil having a trowel in regards to the sam-e peak as the root mass, but twice as broad.

Place the transplant to the ground therefore it sits le Vel with the soil’s area.

Spread the roots out to the sides.

Fill the hole pat the s Oil round the plant gently along with your palms and water seriously.

Saving the Seeds

Harvest the banana pepper for seeds when it turns red, which signifies it’s totally ripe, by cutting it from your plant with scissors or a knife.

By creating a slit cut it having a tiny knife.

Open the pepper together with your fingers.

By producing an extended cut length-wise cut the cone away in the flesh of the pepper on both sides having a tiny knife.

Carefully eliminate the seeds from your flesh of the cone along with your fingers.

Spread the seeds from a paper-towel.

Place the paper-towel in an awesome, dry place from direct sunlight.

Cure the seeds until they’re dry enough when you fold one in two to to interrupt.

Store within an airtight container in an awesome, dry, darkish place until next time.