The best way to Paint a Safety Screen Door

Painting a metal safety screen-door lets you customize the look of the door make the door more aesthetically-pleasing and less like a cellblock and to coordinate with your house. Security screen doors are manufactured from metal, which needs planning and cautious priming for an efficient paint-job. Painting a safety screen-door is a reasonably simple do-it-yourself process.

Preparing the Door

Use the screwdriver to eliminate most of the hardware in the door, including strikeplates, kickplates and the handles.

Peel off the weather-stripping. Cover the weather-stripping when it can not easily remove.

Clean the door with water and soap. Allow it to dry, then wipe it down using a rag dipped in mineral spirits or alcohol.

Apply masking tape to locations of the do-or which are not to be painted.

Gloves, fill dents or scratches in the door with auto-body filler. Allow the filler.

Use 100-grit sandpaper to sand across the places where the auto-body filler was used by you.

Sand the whole area of the door with 150-grit sandpaper.

Painting the Door

One layer of exterior primer. Allow the primer.

The the surface acrylic paint to the door using a paint sprayer. Allow the paint. Where required, apply another layer of paint.

Reattach the components to the door. Seal the kick-plate, strikeplates and handles using a bead of silicone caulk.