The best way to Install Used Cabinets

Changing the look of your kitchen doesn’t usually imply out using the new and in using the old. Homeowners with limited funds know the worth of providing their kitchen a brand new look by installing cupboards that are employed. Owners of homes that are older might locate utilized cupboards the the easiest method to to to create straight back a badly updated kitchen back to design. Used cupboards and measurements that are excellent will be the key to some fresh, inexpensive kitchen make-over.


Remove outdated cupboards cautiously, to prevent wall injury. Spackle or plaster any holes that are big and let dry completely.

Measure surfaces and cupboards that are employed cautiously. Note the peak of wall cupboards and base cupboards. Using your straightedge and pencil, calculate the peak of the base cupboard and include 1 1/2 inches to Most frequently, this complete height is 3 4 1/2 inches, even though it might differ with custom made, early or handcrafted cabinets. Adding 1 1/2 inches to the cupboard peak signifies the peak of a completed . that is counter

Create a level line on the wall the full-length the cabinets will lengthen.

Measuring down from this line, mark a line 4″ over the ground. It is possible to level foundation cupboards even in the event the ground is uneven by creating a mark on the rear of every cabinet sidewall.

Measure up from your countertop line to signify the bottoms of your wall cupboards. Clearance from counter to cupboard bottom is 1 9 1/2 inches. Minimal clearance of 16-inches is required to work easily in the counter, although this could vary slightly, with respect to the peak of your cupboards.

Combine the widths of your cupboards to decide the duration they’ll extend, commonly called the “run.” Mark the fringe of of the outer-most cabinet having a line that is vertical the peak of the wall.

Locate the wall studs behind your operate of cupboards by sweeping your stud-finder gradually on the period of the wall. Make the full-length of the wall or lines between counter lines and cupboard bottom.

Produce a momentary guide-line for wall cupboards by tacking 1-by-2inch wood stripping to the wall with nails that are finishing. Set this guide line so your very top of the wood strip satisfies the wall-cupboard- line that was bottoms.


Begin installation with all the outer-most wall cupboard. On the guide line, rest the cupboard along with your helper and align the wall with all the -limit line.

Mark and measure the stud locations on the backwall of the cupboard; 4 screw-holes must be marked within 4″ of bottom and the leading of the cupboard.

Drill one leading screw hole and fasten the cupboard to the wall using a panhead screw.

By having your helper shift the cupboard somewhat before the level indicates that it’s straight check plumb, or the alignment.

Drill the screw-holes that are other, utilizing wall lines as an information, if required. Secure the cupboard to the wall with 3 mo Re screws.

Line up the cupboard on the wall and guide line lines. Drill insert screws and holes.

Attach cupboards facet-by-facet, using extending from cupboard A to two two a T the best and bottom of the adjacent side-walls, two from B to Finish installing the total operate of wall cupboards.

Begin foundation-cupboard installation where you started wall-installation. Create a chalk on along side it partitions 4″ in the cabinet bottom, of every base cabinet. Before the cupboard sits checking the line-up of those marks together with the wall guide line will assist you compensate for un even ground problems by forcing wood shims beneath the front cupboard edge.

Recheck alignment contrary to the countertop line on the wall.

Prevent doorways and drawers from blocking each other if a a large part is turned by cupboards. This could require sawing filler strips to to give the the length between facing cupboards. Filler strips overlapped where they join in the corner and are generally screwed to the sidewalls. Measure filler strip you are going to need by opening drawers and cupboard doorways.

Consider down the guideline when all wall cupboards are installed and use pliers or the hammer claw to pull complete nails.

Paint within the pencil marks on the wall if you are finished.