Miniature African Violet Plants

Mixes of African violet soil may be obtained at hardware store or your local home improvement center, however you can mix your own also. In accordance with Clemson University, African violets thrive planting Phoenix medium, perlite and peat moss.Just like the full size model, miniature violets prefer bright indirect sunlight. Placing these crops three feet from your window gives the light they require to prosper.


Miniature African violets increase to 2 1/2 inch pots and attain heights of no more than 6" – in 2.These variations of full size violets devote their whole lives in little pots, making them perfect for tucking into areas that are little and have little leaves and blooms. They need the same conditions as African violets.


A window usually doesn’t offer the light-intensity they require to bloom although almost any window will do. These crops also prosper making them a favorite for the workplace. Place them 3" below a fluorescent light for 1-2 hrs a to keep miniature African crops healthy.


In regards to watering, miniature violets there are two areas of problem – crown rot and injury to the foliage. It it makes un-attractive white blotches on the leaves if cold-water touches the leaves. To prevent this, many choose to water from beneath with water. Fill saucer or a little bowl with the inch or two of water and place the pot in the water. Remove the pot when the the top of soil is moist and allow any excess water to drain in the underside. Soil that stays soggy invitations root or crown rot.


Violets are sensitive to both low and high temperatures – the model isn’t exception. These plants prefer day-time temperatures below восемьдесят 5 levels and night-time temperatures of 6 levels Fahrenheit. Feeding your violet that is miniature once throughout intervals of energetic development usually offers the nutritional elements it require to increase and flower, but usually use your plant Boise‘s health as an information. Pale or yellowed leaves may reveal that the plant Redding is missing nutritional elements.


At greater temperatures, these crops are susceptible to rot.Violet meals that is special contains the nutrients your African violets require to thrive. Before implementing the fertilizer to stop damage water your crops.

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