How to Upholster a Door

An panel is included by some do or models. Not as padding, but as an aesthetic function. It’s a retro-style, but has stood the test of time and may also be identified on even certain kinds of companies or modern houses. It is possible to upholster any door. The function that is upholstered is really a panel which is attached to the door as one-piece, generally covering no more than half of the door. This makes it easy to panel without removing it. When it’s not that which you like, the panel can be removed by you later.

Measure and cut the plywood to to match the section of the do-or you want to upholster. Use a table saw to cut the plywood. Use a utility knife to slice the the same dimensions as the plywood to the foam. Use scissors to cut the material 2″ longer and 2″ wider in relation to the plywood.

Place the plywood flat across two saw-horses. It lightly with adhesive.

Hold up the foam aligning the corners of the foam using the corners of the plywood. As the corners start to follow the glue lay down the foam on the door and aligning it with all the plywood to create it flush on either side. Pull it up in case it gets crooked and re-align it. Pat the foam down to bond together with your fingers it when it’s even and flush on the plywood.

Place the foam face-down on the material, producing certain that it’s centered. Pull the material up-tight on one corner along with your fingers.Stretch it horizontally within the plywood with one-hand. Shoot one staple which you have stretched.

Pull up the cloth on one of the corners that are opposite and shoot still another staple there. Do all corners, getting treatment the fabric stays.

Pull the fabric 1inch and shoot still another staple. Move your fingers and pull it again 1inch from the staple to eliminate any wrinkles and shoot still another staple. Continue across the plywood panel, shooting staples 1-inch aside to eliminate each of the wrinkles involving the corners, and pulling the material tight.

Cut off any free fabric using a utility knife. Use scissors to minimize it off when it’s bunched up in the corners.

Place the panel on the do-or. Hold it in spot with one-hand. Shoot one pin nail when it is flush and square. Shoot through plywood and the material . The material wo n’t be damage by it. Move to the corners and shoot staples. By capturing staples one foot aside across the perimeter of the panel finish. Smooth the cloth together with your fingers.