How to Tone Down Taupe Walls Using a Pinkish Hue

Taupe’s pinkish undertone is offset by juxtaposing walls, flooring or furniture at taupe with accents in a complementary color which falls contrary of pink about the color wheel. Near complements, too, provide maximum contrast to tone down the pink in taupe. Taupe includes a pronounced, pink undertone in medium shades, which can be deemphasized at tone-on-tone decor. By using the complete assortment of taupe hues, subsequently adding warm accent color from the family of red hues, pink undertones are subordinated. Creamy or earthen orange hues override pink at the same method.

Taupe With Complementary Greens

Green is taupe’s color wheel contrary, so 1 choice for downplaying the pink tone entails juxtaposing taupe walls with drapery in warm olive or spring green. Maintaining the green accent shade constant whilst adding lighter and lighter shades of taupe helps establish unity. In a ocean of taupe tones, glare in bright green eventually become the focus, instead of the subtle, pink undertone in taupe. Accents in mint green or aqua are equally powerful, as are teal accents, especially with lighter shades of taupe.

Taupe With Near Complementary Blues

Blues tame the pink in taupe, particularly blues with a green undertone, such as peacock blue, turquoise or indigo. Robin’s egg blue functions, particularly when used as an accent color with darker shades of taupe. An intriguing way to overpower the pink entails utilizing tones of mustard yellow or warm green gray, then adding accents in slate. Blue-grays with green undertones harmonize with taupe and greenish grays, toning down the pink, especially when touches of bright peacock blue are included.

Taupe With Warm Red Accents

Taupe has an undertone on the cooler side of red, but because warm red is at the same hue family as taupe, warm reds coordinate. Ranging from alabaster to tones as dark as charcoal, a tone-on-tone room with taupe hues is decorated by touches of Tuscan red, a medium, earthen red. On lampshades, pillows and carpets, Tuscan red overrides taupe’s pink undertone. Furniture and fixtures in espresso have a red undertone that teeming with taupe, however, the dark end overrides the pink at taupe.

Taupe With Orange Tones

Creamy oranges, such as buff, provide a counterbalance for pinkish taupe, as do dark, earthen oranges, such as terra-cotta or burnt sienna. The orange undertone in hardwood floors glows in a room with walls in dark taupe, and rolled blinds with matching pendant lights at natural buff decrease the trendy pink in taupe by adding to this assortment of warm, orange tones. In a room with a darker color scheme, pinkish-taupe walls are overpowered by lampshades, carpets, cushions and pottery in dark, warm terra cotta.

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