Guest Picks: 20 Pieces for a Casual Breakfast Area

While fewer houses these days have a formal “breakfast space,” the idea of a dining area for everyday use is more popular than ever. Some individuals are dividing breakfast nooks from the own kitchen or family room. Others are ditching the formal dining area and rather making it a family-friendly space for casual meals, meetings and weekend activities. Often miniature in size, these spaces will need to be large on purpose, which makes them a particularly demanding design struggle. To assist with the process, I’ve assembled a number of the essential items for a brand new, fun breakfast area that will appeal to everybody in the household. — Lucy from Four Walls and a Roof

Gingko Home Furnishings

Oak Park Dining Table – $1,180

Wood tables are a cozy-looking alternative for a family breakfast area. I enjoy this Mission-inspired design since the central pedestal makes it simpler to cram additional seating, even highchairs, around it.

Room & Board

Bellini Chair, White – $175

I would contrast the wood table with clean white chairs. This one looks as though it’d defy spills, booster chairs and the strange crayon whilst still retaining its own dignity!

The Future Perfect

My Sugar Bowl, Green With Blue Lid – $24

This creamer and sugar bowl set would add a splash of subtle color and is ideal for everyday use.

West Elm

Turning Pendant, Wood/White – $149

A turned-wood lamp fixture with a plain white color looks easygoing but complements the table and chairs flawlessly.

Room & Board

Galbraith & Paul Medium Drum Pendant Lamp, Mum, Green – $399

Among the easiest ways to add color and pattern into a small area is with a cloth pendant shade. This floral design is fresh, contemporary and ideal for a sunny breakfast area.

Room & Board

Eames Molded Plastic Chair With Wire Base, Sparrow – $399

I would pair the shade with Eames Eiffel chairs, but decide on an offbeat hue like this intriguingly named “sparrow” color.


Docksta Dining Table | IKEA – $199

I would finish off the look with the ultimate family breakfast table: the Docksta from Ikea. It’s small, affordable and practically indestructible.


Also by Blu Dot Platten Round Dining Table, Dark Gray – $299.99

Metal is another fantastic option for practical dining. This diminutive table from Blu Dot’s range for Target will fit most budgets. I enjoy the dark gray version since it will give a small area some definition.

Room & Board

Jake Chair, Walnut – $79

I’d warm up the look with these wood veneer chairs. They’re simple to wash and searchable, only if you want to stash a few in the basement for additional guests.

West Elm

Bentwood Pendants – $169

Top off the look with a bentwood necklace with a midcentury vibe.


Montego Buffet, Antique White – $144.57

Storage and additional surface area are essential in a family eating area. In my family, we avoid placing hot side dishes and pitchers (that can be knocked over) on the table while eating, preferring to place them into the side for security’s sake. This is one of the very best value sideboards I’ve seen, and it’d fit unobtrusively in most decor fashions.


Slice Mint Wall-Mounted Storage Shelf – $149

If space is actually at a premium, wall-mounted storage is a fantastic alternative. I enjoy these small wall cabinets in a range of fun colors.

Relish interior and home design

Woolly Pocket – $113

Wall-mounted plants can be a great way to add texture and character to a sunny space without taking up precious floor or surface area.

The Shade Store

Custom Light-Filtering Roller Shades, Noir Daisy

Roller shades are a sensible alternative for rooms adjacent kitchens. I enjoy this black and white pattern. It would be ideal with the dark gray table. Choose a constant loop fixture for simple opening on a daily basis.


Bamboo Placemats – $12

Chilewich placemats have to be the best invention! They’re great for family diningtable, as they’re super easy to wash, plus they look sophisticated enough for the grown-ups too.


Felt Coasters, Naturals, Secret Pond by Feltplanet – $21

I love these felt coasters that are shaped like pebbles. They’re simple to use and don’t become missiles once thrown! (Yes, every 2-year-old loves throwing coasters.)


Wall Storage Organizer Box Shelf Set by Another Cup – $56.90

Breakfast areas often double as home management stations — and that includes all of the corresponding odds and ends that somehow seem to multiply. A row of these little wall-mounted boxes would be great for keeping paperclips, tape and other essential items that never find a home.


White File File – $24.95

Another smart storage alternative is this wall-mounted magazine rack. I could definitely use one of these to store email, forms and homework in progress.


Twist Tray, Aqua – EUR 34

If you’ve got the surface area, attractive filing trays might be an alternative.


Tower of Rings – EUR 55

It looks like a baby’s stacking toy, but this is in fact a set of napkin rings. If you use them frequently or simply enjoy them as a decorative object, they’d be good as a finishing touch in a family breakfast area.

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