Dandelion Varieties

Whether it passes cankerwort the title dandelion, puff-ball or lion’s tooth, the hundreds of plants in the genus Taraxacum routinely have have a poor reputation with gardeners. These intense weeds usually resist herbicides and other control actions and germinate via seeds. On the on the other hand, completely edible dandelions increase from seed easily as decorative flowers and lend themselves to the creation of goods as varied as wine, tea and rubber.

Common Dandelions

Taraxacum erythrospermum and Taraxacum officinale, each of which happen stand as the most frequent species of dandelion. The Taraxacum officinale, the plant most Americans refer to when they say “dandelion,” comes from Europe and features a bright-yellow wreath of petals that mature in to a puff-ball of pappus seed heads. It grows to heights of approximately 3 to 12″ and usually seems in lawns, fields and roadsides. Taraxacum erythrospermum has habitat and a similar look, but its reddish-stems give it the typical name red-seeded dandelion.

White and Pink Dandelions

The Taraxacum albidum, indigenous to Japan, functions levels of white petals that surround its stigma that is yellow. It passes the most popular name Japanese dandelion that is white. The Taraxacum pamiricum, also called the Taraxacum atrans, functions this coloration, as does Pyrrhopappus carolinianus. The plant — a connected member of the Asteraceae family — usually gets mistaken for a dandelion; therefore the fake dandelion, its name. The Taraxacum pseudoroseum dandelion sprouts petals having a somewhat pink tinge.

Regional Kinds

As this plant propagates effortlessly dandelion species spread out of their native soil. Some have stayed rooted within their home countries. As its title suggests, the endangered California dandelion – Taraxacum californicum – grows only in California, generally in wetlands. In 2011 botanists recognized two species of Taraxacum decastroi dandelion and Taraxacum lacianense, which develop solely in Cordillera Cantabrica mountains and the Pyrenees of Spain. These unusual dandelions activity saffron stigma that is extremely lengthy and petals.

Other Types

Taraxacum japonicum, a dandelion indigenous to Japan that also grows in eastern Eurasia as well as the United States, functions yellow petals but – unlike several other dandelion types – doesn’t have a ring of down-turned leaves under its flower head. The rubber market depends on on the rubber dandelion – Taraxacum kok-saghyz, indigenous to eastern Europe and western Asia – for the creation of latex and rubber.


Dandelions are a very invasive species even if you grow them by selection. Broadleaf weed-killers — including the herbicide 2,4-D — handle dandelions that are stubborn, but weeding byhand gift ideas a mo-Re ecofriendly choice. The whole root-system have to be plucked prior to or right after following the plant h-AS bloomed. Mowing assists keep dandelions in the garden a T bay.