Companion Crops to Cinnamon Ferns

Cinnamon ferns (Osmunda cinnamomea) are tall, appealing ferns that improve any home landscape. Cinnamon ferns require constantly- normal watering or soil to prosper. While the plant has been established, it is particularly crucial to water often throughout the year. The fronds of the fern are a blue green colour when the plant is ages.


Plants in the Hellebore family (Helleborus) are well-suited companions to cinnamon ferns. The greatest part is that hellebores are so different, it is simple to locate a plant that fits your home.They come in unflowering and flowering types. Ensure when they will get plenty of rain, you plant them. They are able to survive droughts for the reason that they are hardy crops once they are proven, although.

Spotted Deadnettle

Spotted deadnettle (Lamium maculatum) offers an attractive groundcover. It is a reduced-to-the-floor plant with vibrant blossoms that are distinctive. To sunlight, it prefers shade just like the cinnamon fern and could actually be broken by too much sunlight. Noticed deadnettle is hardy, although plan to plant using a pH for the greatest achievable outcomes. Make certain to cut it back after the development to ensure it will not spread too much.

Ebony Knight Mondo Grass

Ebony Knight mondo grass (Ophiopogon planiscapus "Ebknizam") is a stylish counter-point to some cinnamon fern. The foliage and flowers that are white assist split up most of the green that comes with plants like hostas, ferns and hellebores. It prefers some, if sunlight, not complete, so plant it in-line with a few rays. Ebony Knight mondo grass wants plenty of water to prosper. Be certain you plant it in an area that gets lots of rain, which you’re comfortable watering everyday, or natural runoff.


Hostas (Hosta) come in shades-of green, yellow, blue and gold; they are not quick-expanding crops, frequently getting years to reach maturity. Hostas perform properly with cinnamon ferns, as equally are longlasting, effortlessly developed crops. Cinnamon ferns do not choose somewhat more sunlight than hostas, so be certain where they truly are mo Re likely to get coverage to plant them. Some types of hosta flower with eyecatching blooms.

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