Beyond Windows: Watch How Drapery Can Boost Your Bed

It’s no news that functionally speaking drapery is meant to filter outside light entering in the window. But aesthetically speaking, their addition can do wonders for the look of this room as a whole. Take the mattress such as: is the appearance of yours feeling incomplete? It’s possible that incorporating your bedroom’s drapery into the mattress scheme is just what the d├ęcor doctor ordered, and it’s possible all it will take is moving the mattress, or dangling new curtains. Have a look at these images to find out how additional Houzzers have integrated drapery in their beds for the perfect finishing touch.

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Lucid Interior Design Inc..

Of course, there’s no actual demand to get a window to pay if you would like to hang drapery. Drapery in itself lends an aesthetic worth, so feel free to hang it behind your bed regardless of a window. It will function to ground your mattress while adding plenty of sensual feel.

Drapery can offer a distinctive textural backdrop. Consider picking drapery the same colour as your bedding so the appearance feels genuinely cohesive.

Patrick J. Baglino, Jr.. Interior Design

A bed with a headboard placed in front of drapery creates an especially intriguing effect when the width of the bed and window are similar. It’s like the window and its drapery were made to emphasize this specific bed. A valance adds an elegant statement.

Letitia Holloway

Bear in mind that drapery can be hung in a variety of ways. Draperies tied back produces a showcase for this incredible antique bed.

Kitchens & Baths

Drapery hanging into the sides of windows gives the mattress a solid sense of place without sacrificing light from outdoors.

Andrea May Hunter/Gatherer

If you’ve got double beds, then you may want to consider this setup. Allow the draperies to fall on the surfaces of the window, and place the beds in front of them. The curtains ground the person bedrooms, and the sun is uninterrupted.

Brian Dittmar Design, Inc..

Expertly placed draperies in this bedroom accentuate both the mattress, creating a visual balance and connection between the elements of this space.

Michael Abrams Limited

Can there be a window there? Who knows, and quite honestly, it makes no difference. The effect of this drapery paired with all the mattress is what is stealing the show.

Elad Gonen

Would you need to include prominence to the mattress and make your ceiling appear bigger? Outfit the wall on your bed with floor to ceiling, wall-to-wall cloth. The floor-to-ceiling application visually expands the ceiling, while the dramatic inclusion of wall-to-wall drapery will present your mattress an aesthetic increase.


You can always have a little fun with drapery. Hang them behind the bed like a canopy to create a fairy-tale escape.

Erika Bierman Photography

Hang two separate bits on both sides of the bed out of a dramatic valance. The mattress will appear grounded, and the sleeper will probably feel extra comfy.

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