Accent Tile Sticks Out in the Shower

The options for deciding on your tile palette in your bathroom may be completely overwhelming. Moreover, it might be down-right lender-breaking. One good method to take advantage of 2 of the more pricey tiles or only a carton out there would be to make use of them. Among the greatest places to do this can be in a shower stall. The remainder of your tile demands could be satisfied with something less pricey, by standing out against a background that was simpler, while the accent tile can package a large clout that was graphical.

Amoroso Style

The arrangement of the accent tile is really smart. A brilliant painting is mimiced by the contour . It may be appreciated from any place in the toilet as the designer chosen to get a clear-glass shower separation, and makes the space appear more open.

Hint: Would Like to make use of this scheme but have a shower curtain rather than a partition? There are obvious shower curtains out there, plus they are not difficult to wash.

Jason Ball Interiors, LLC

Accent stripes that are perpendicular mimic cascading shower water. Additionally, notice the manner by which the stripes fall into line with all the borders of the sky-light.Here a comparable accent stripe functions as a chair rail that is visible.

House on Layout, Deborah Derocher

One perpendicular emphasis that is broad makes a stunning backdrop with this bath that is freestanding, and is produced much more powerful from the lights that are pendant.

Rachel Reider Interiors

Here the accent tiles are found in two stripes as well as on the shower ground San Diego. This heightens our awareness of the depth and width of the booth.

This ties this opening the way to the bath.

Buckminster Green LLC

This easy stripe of tiles that are square goes completely across the area. It provides just enough colour and variation to maintain things interesting, without overpowering this minimalist white toilet that is clear.

Studio S Squared Architecture, Inc.

It offers the chimera of looking to the sky past the tile.

Divine Design+Build

Exactly the same tile found in the hearth environment is picked up by two stripes in the shower. How luxury is that?


Here one one easy line of accent tile joins one another and the various sections of the bathroom.gne architecture

This powerful tile in colors that are variegated is really strong that one-wall of it’s lots.

Niche Interiors

This tasteful marble subway enlivens tile.

Schnarr Craftsmen Inc

Here an extensive accent stripe picks up the the back ground Boise tile of the shower round the remaining toilet.

Lane Style + Construct

Here the accent can be used on top of the booth. Sellar – Architectural Photographer

This strong section of accent tile (two adjoining sides as well as the ceiling) plainly demarcates the shower, as opposed to letting it fade to the back-ground.


This man had some enjoyment ordering these ring-shaped accent tiles and within the sink. A tile using a beat similar to this one actually stands out in a slim stripe.

Hint: It Is an effective means to take advantage of a higher priced tile. Not many feet will package an impact that is graphical.

Peter A. Now "Every-Day is a Winding Road" by Sheryl Crow is put within my head

Are you considering using tile as an accent?