25 Many Bookmarked Colorful Homes of 2012

This was the year of color on . While we still love our grays and browns, saw an explosion of houses with vibrant colours on the website in 2012, and readers embraced the welcome death from many neutrals. Here we provide the most photographed homes on . From a weekend house in São Paulo, Brazil, to a funding remodel in Ireland and also an unfolding flat in Manhattan, these houses have daring, beautiful color.

Rikki Snyder

1. An Antique Cape Cod House Explodes With Color

This homeowner — an artist and sheep farmer in Massachusetts — did not hold back in her home’s decor. Bright chartreuse walls, handmade background and eclectic details cover every available surface in this wonderful home.

S / Wiley Interior Photography

2. Lively Meets Thrifty in Southern California

The turquoise front door of the happy home opens into a collected but refined living space. Splashes of turquoise draw people thorough the entryway, pattern-filled living room and family-friendly kitchen and dining space.

DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami

3. Modern, Entertaining Home in Florida

This Florida dwelling proves that contemporary and minimalist do not necessarily imply sparse. Color makes its presence known in each room. Yellow office shelving, orange and blue artwork, a chartreuse kids living room and the enjoyable teen room shown here help bring the clean-lined house to life.


4. Gloriously Untamed Shade in a Manhattan Home

The unbiased casing of the New York City home plays host to an Unbelievable array of colorful accents. This office, coated in Orla Kiely background, is just the tip of this iceberg. ers adored the homeowners’ daring style, beautiful blue lacquered piano and contemporary custom made playroom.

Caitlin Wilson Design

5. Energy and Color Aplenty in a Live-Work Lease

simply because you’re a renter does not mean that you can not own fashion, as this colorful Philadelphia house proves. This designer outfitted her family’s flat in female hues which nevertheless feel family friendly. readers adored her bold but girly fashion — observed within this peppy pink couch.

Louise Lakier

6. Little, Vivid Island Home in Washington

Affectionately called the Salsa House for its dinner made on the property, this bold-colored home lives up to its vibrant nickname. Salvaged materials from all over the neighborhood give the interior character, while the vivid exterior speaks for itself.

Lindsay von Hagel

7. Colorful Hand Painting Bedecks a Creative Home

It is clear these homeowners like to take risks in design — the purple, ombré, Southwest-style walls in the dining room function as evidence. Pattern, color and handmade details burst in each room — it is no wonder so many ers spared this one for inspiration!

Alisha gwen interior design

8. Shade frees a Family-Friendly Show House to Life

rather than opting for the normal beige palette which often appears in show homes, this designer paid tribute to her love of Dorothy Draper and cheerful hues. ers loved the mix of patterns in the living room and the unexpected shots of apple green.

Shannon Malone

9. Colorful, Architectural Gem in Ojai

Japanese, Southwestern and California Mission styles come to life in this charming California home. Citron and a wealthy red-orange adorn the entry and the kitchen’s habit built-ins and cabinetry. From the kitchen to the more relaxing bedrooms, this house has plenty of ideas that ers desired to recall.

Sarah Greenman

10. Flea Market Glamour in Texas

in case you have plenty of patience and a fantastic eye, hunting for furniture in flea markets may pay off. This Texas couple loves to attract old items back to life, reupholstering, painting and refinishing flea market finds to make them contemporary treasures.

Valerie McCaskill Dickman

11. Budget-Friendly Bohemian Ranch in Dallas

This Dallas ranch house demonstrates how a paintbrush and a few good colours can alter everything. A combination of DIY details and amazing furniture provides this house a unique, eclectic texture. Shade adds depth to each part of the house — from the black dining room to the bright yellowish master bed to the turquoise front door.

Design Manifest

12. Eclectic Jewel Box Loft in Philadelphia

This Philadelphia attic has a divided open space with colorful nooks on almost every wall. Wallpaper, royal blue paint and a daring black permit for specified living, bar and working spaces.

Michael K Chen Architecture

13. 400-Square-Foot Unfolding Flat

A size of 400 square feet does not exactly look amusement friendly, unless you’re seeing this revolutionary New York apartment. As a result of some custom unfolding unit against one wall, a bed, desk and storage space could all be confined to a spot, leaving plenty of room for hosting guests and cooking dishes.

Believe Contemporary

14. Colorful Quirkiness in an Irish Home

This Irish couple wanted a house that would constantly feel uplifting, but they did not have the budget to do a massive remodel. Even though the kitchen cabinetry, bathroom tiling and flooring stay exactly the same, the creative use of color and layout gave the house a brand-new look.

Madison Modern Home

15. A Cabin of Curiosities in Los Angeles

This Hollywood costume designer lives in a House that feels almost like a film set. Eclectic cloths, collected taxidermy and knickknacks fill just about every nook and cranny. ers adored the homeowner’s unabashed style and artistic consequences.

16. Sunny Colors Lighten a Century-Old Home

Colorful textiles interject playfulness to this classic East Coast house. The eye-catching mix of colours feels natural too. Classy vaulted ceilings and warm wall colours contrast with vivid upholstery and patterned curtains, giving this traditional house a contemporary undertone.

Sarah Greenman

17. An Oregon Cottage With 21 Flavors of Shade

This Northwest cabin has color on its most attractive architectural details. Red trim and a soft blue door perfectly match with all the flowers on the front porch. A purple and green kitchen and a soft blue bedroom offer just a flavor of this cheerful color palette inside.

Natalie Younger Interior Design, Allied ASID

18. Colorful, Casual Hawaiian Vacation Home

To blend the outside and inside, this designer made use of Hawaii’s most vibrant greens and blues. Natural cloths tie each of the spaces together, and ers fell in love with this home’s soothing, tropical and contemporary color palette.

Chimera Interior Design

19. Splashy Colors Spark a Contemporary Guesthouse

This Arizona family refused to let their guesthouse feel second rate compared to their beautiful home. While they used durable materials that could stand up to kids, bright contrasting colours and dashes of chartreuse liven up the cement flooring and easy layout.

Carolina Katz + Paula Nuñez

20. Eclectic midsize Home Embraces Trees

Even though the interior courtyard (complete with four ficus trees) first drew ers to the house, readers fell in love with all the diverse color palette. The dining and living areas remain fairly neutral, however this Chilean house explodes with color in the office, bedrooms and kitchen.

Michael J. Lee Photography

21. Boston Home Goes Ironic conventional

This home’s ancient 20th-century architecture seems traditional but was injected with a brand new take on preppy style. From the outside it is difficult to believe that rooms full of oversize plaids, bold orange upholstery, zebra rugs and chevron armchairs reside inside this shingle-style house.

Holly Marder

22. Plastic Is King within an Out-of-This-World Home

Straight from the 1960s, this retro-inspired, plastic-furniture-filled house makes use of virtually every daring color imaginable. Located in the Netherlands, it has been remodeled into a retro design lover’s dream. Bright oranges, blues and yellows are offset by white and brown modular shelving. The homeowner’s decorative dish collection is in vivid shades of crimson!

Kaia Calhoun

23. Sunny and Cheerful DIY Home in Minnesota

Sweet and simple, this Minnesota duplex was famous for its livability and happy fashion. The youthful owners fixed up their new home on a budget, using paint and wall art to produce affordable design announcements.

Marco Antunio

24. Splashy, Sustainable Shack in São Paulo

A patchwork-style interior and exterior set this little weekend house apart from its São Paulo environment. This Brazilian designer couple wanted a retreat that would incorporate their love of nature and color. The multicolor design, which blurs the lines between the inside and outside, does exactly that.


25. Distinctive Edwardian ‘Design Lab’

For many designers, their home becomes a place to experiment — according to this beautiful San Francisco Edwardian. Even though the original structure was retained, the house’s unique color palette gives it a fresh, contemporary texture. ers adored the contrasting trim throughout the house and the magnificent darkened kitchen backsplash.

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